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Marilù Chiofalo


University of Pisa (Italy), Department of Physics


Debbie is with us.

She is because of the changes we recognize in ourselves after having had the privilege of working, discussing, or sharing in friendship with her.

She is because of the students who have learned from her to make physics as an enthusiastic, curious, challenging and powerful way of thinking and being, and who have learned to be women and men straight in principles and in everyday strenuous practice. As she learned from you, and as the students of her students will learn.

She is because Jackie and John are.

She is because her smile with that unmistakable dimple in her cheeks is impressed in my mind, and this is the way she remains in my memory, bright, gentle and sunny friend.

I wish to be there to tightly and warmly hug Jackie and John, and all the Jila community, I feel to be so tight.


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