Bose-Einstein Condensation
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Next scheduled update: November 15, 2004

The JILA BEC collaboration maintains a large (roughly 1200 entries) BibTeX bibliography. As a service to the BEC community, we are making this bibliography available on the web.
If you are using the LaTeX environment to prepare a manuscript, be it a PhD thesis or a PRL paper, this thorough listing of published papers on BEC (and related topics) will make preparation of your reference section very simple.

If you prefer to use Word or other commercial wordprocessors, you will find it relatively easy to import a BibTeX file into, for instance, an EndNote bibliography.

If you are unfamiliar with BibTeX, it is worth checking out. Although the full bibliography we provide is enormous, only the entries you specifically cite will be incorporated into your LaTeX file. Most scientific journals will provide you with a style file (for instance, osa.sty), so that your citations can be automatically formatted to comply with the particular journal's style.

We request that prospective users of this resource help us make the bibliography as complete and as useful as possible. Any paper you might have occasion to cite while writing about BEC belongs in this bibliography.

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Our goal is to have zero typographical errors in the bibliography. Please notify us of any errors, either in form or content.

While we periodically update and expand the bibliography, we use a citation label format that does not allow the label for a particular citation to change over time. Thus you will be able to compile an old manuscript with a new version of the bibliography.

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All the above files were generated from a more general database maintained here at JILA. As it is relatively easy for us to reformat the BibTeX file to meet specialized requirements, let us know what format is most useful to you.