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Intended specifically to help experimental groups just beginning research in ultra-cold atoms, this resource page presents detailed technical information relevant to constructing and operating a Bose-Einstein condensation machine.
The page is a work in progress and we would very much appreciate reader feedback.
If you are an experienced researcher in the field, and want to suggest extensions or corrections to the material below, please get in touch with us. If you have material of your own (relevant chapters of PhD theses, circuit diagrams, benchmark oscillocsope traces, compendia of helpful hints, etc.) we would be very happy to post the material (appropriately credited) or a link here. If you are new to the field and have suggestions for additional resources you would like to see added here, or if you find any of the exisiting material confusing, please let us know.

Simplified System for Creating a BEC ( H. Lewandowski et al, JLTP (in press).
A Year in the Life (Helpful Implementation Tips)

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