Dr. Jun Ye

My main research interests include ultrasensitive laser spectroscopy, optical frequency metrology, and quantum optics using cold atoms. My group is exploring molecular dynamics using exquisitely sensitive absorption-measurement techniques developed in JILA. We also use high-sensitivity techniques to define ultrastable optical frequency standards, currently being explored for their use in metrology, communications, and high-precision measurements such as in NASA's space-borne interferometers. The use of ultrafast lasers has revolutionized the field of optical frequency metrology, and we are actively pursuing research related to the concept and application of this novel field. We are also exploring cold atoms and molecules for their use in high-precision measurement and quantum optics.

"Our research is undertaken at the absolute frontiers of light and matter interaction."


Fellow of JILA
Fellow of NIST
Professor Adjoint, Department of Physics

Short Biography

I received my undergraduate degree in applied physics at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, my M. S. in physics at the University of New Mexico; and my Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. I'm a Fellow of JILA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. I'm also an adjoint professor in the physics department at the University of Colorado and a guest professor at Jiao Tong and East China Normal Universities, both of which are in Shanghai. My team and I currently are investigating ultracold strontium atoms, cold molecules, and the science behind ultrafast lasers.