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Ultracold Fermionic Feshbach Molecules

TitleUltracold Fermionic Feshbach Molecules
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsZirbel, JJ

This thesis presents experiments creating heteronuclear diatomic molecules from ultracold mixtures of atomic bosons and fermions. The work presented takes advantage of a type of scattering resonance, known as a magnetic Feshbach resonance, to efficiently and selectively create the fermionic molecules. I present studies of the weakly bound, highly vibrationally excited molecules created near the Feshbach resonance. These molecules have inelastic collisions that are affected by the particular atoms involved in the collisions. Inelastic collisions are enhanced or suppressed depending on whether the colliding atoms are bosonic, fermionic, or distinguishable when compared to the molecule's constituent atoms.

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