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Ionization-assisted spatiotemporal localization in gas-filled capillaries

TitleIonization-assisted spatiotemporal localization in gas-filled capillaries
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGao, X, Patwardhan, G, Shim, B, Popmintchev, T, Kapteyn, HC, Murnane, MM, Gaeta, AL
JournalOptics Letters
Date Published2018-06
Keywordscapillary, ionization, plasma

We demonstrate numerically and experimentally that intense pulses propagating in gas-filled capillaries can undergo localization in space and time due to strong plasma defocusing. This phenomenon can occur below or above the self-focusing threshold Pcr as a result of ionization-induced refraction that excites higher-order modes. The constructive interference of higher-order modes leads to spatiotemporal localization and resurgence of the intensity. Simulations show that this confinement is more prominent at shorter wavelength pulses and for smaller capillary diameters. Experiments with ultraviolet pulses show evidence that this ionization-induced refocusing appears below Pcr and thus represents a mechanism for spatiotemporal confinement without self-focusing.

Short TitleOpt. Lett.

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