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Resonantly interacting degenerate Bose gas oddities

TitleResonantly interacting degenerate Bose gas oddities
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsKlauss, CEllen
Academic DepartmentPhysics
Number of Pages260
Date Published2017-07
UniversityUniversity of Colorado
CityBoulder, CO

The progression from two- through few- to many-body physics is an open and interesting question. Experiments that can test these theories must walk the fine line between cultivating a rich many-body system, yet preventing the interactions from completely destroying the system before study. This thesis explores the two- and few-body interactions present in a resonantly interacting degenerate Bose gas. We explore these interactions as a function of the density of the initial Bose-Einstein condensate. We use loss rates to characterize the interactions and find that a signicant portion of the perceived atomic loss is from sweeping the atoms into loosely bound molecules. The decay dynamics identify a molecule mixture of both Feshbach dimers and Efimov trimers.

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