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Heather Lewandowski et. al publish The Back Page of APS News

Published: 05-08-2018

JILA Fellow Heather Lewandowski, and collaborator in the Lewandowski group Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, published an article on The Back Page of the 2018 May issue of APS News.

The article, entitled “Labs are necessary, and we need to invest in them”, reviews the potential benefits, current goals, and cultural opinion of undergraduate lab courses, before suggesting a promising future. The article argues that broad experimental skills, such as troubleshooting, modeling, and communicating, are more effective goals of lab classes than reinforcing physics concepts.

“We imagine a promising future for physics labs. In this future, students collaborate equitably with each other and their instructors to design and conduct experiments. All lab activities would align with clearly articulated learning goals and research-based assessments–And all of this takes place in an accessible, inclusive learning environment.”

To achieve this future, the authors suggest four major areas of investments

This article was written by Marco D. Caballero of Michigan State University, Dimitri R. Dounas-Frazer of the University of Colorado Boulder, JILA Fellow Heather J. Lewandowski of the University of Colorado Boulder, and MacKenzie R. Stetzer of the University of Maine.

APS News is a monthly newspaper published by the American Physical Society. The Back Page is a forum for APS member commentary and opinion. APS News welcomes and encourages letters and submissions from APS members responding to these and other issues.

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