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Franklin Dollar Wins John Dawson Thesis Prize

Published: 09-17-2013

Franklin Dollar Credit: JILA

Research Associate Franklin Dollar (Kapteyn/Murnane group) has won the 2013 John Dawson Thesis Prize. Dollar won the prize for his thesis entitled High intensity, high contrast laser solid interactions with short pulses. He completed this thesis work at the University of Michigan.

Dollar received a medal, $500, and financial support to attend the “Laser and Plasma Accelerators Workshop, where he received his prize.

Up to two John Dawson Thesis Prizes are awarded biannually to Ph.D. theses in the area of plasma accelerators driven by lasers, electrons, or positron beams. The prizes are awarded for fundamental and applied theoretical and experiment work. Nominations are based on recommendations from at least one of the candidate’s Ph.D. thesis examiners.

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