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Bachinski wins NIST Director’s Award for Excellence in Administration

Published: 12-13-2017

Julie Bachinski wins NIST Director’s Award for Excellence in Administration

Julie Bachinski was selected to receive NIST's 2017 Director's Award for Excellence in Administration from more than 1,000 administrative professionals working across NIST. Julie Bachinski is the Administrative Officer for the NIST Quantum Physics Division, the NIST part of JILA.

Bachinski is a crucial leader and contributor in JILA’s outstanding administrative and technical support team, which enables JILA scientists, students and postdocs to focus on research and training. Bachinski leads the particularly challenging effort to make sure the often diverging NIST and University administrative systems work together for finance, personnel, procurement and all other administrative issues. Bachinski is also the key leader for administering the JILA Cooperative Agreement, a grant from NIST to JILA supporting a broad range of JILA research, training, support services and facilities.

Bachinski has been a key leader in JILA support services since 2003. Bachinski’s well-deserved award will be formally presented by the NIST Director at the NIST Annual Awards Ceremony on December 13, 2017.

We here at JILA thank Julie for her outstanding support. Her accomplishments and award reflect on the professionalism of all the wonderful JILA administrative and support services team members.

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