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Shaken lattice interferometry

Event Details

Event Dates: 

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 2:00pm

Seminar Location: 

  • JILA X317

Speaker Name(s): 

Carrie Weidner

Speaker Affiliation(s): 

JILA, Anderson group
Seminar Type/Subject

Scientific Seminar Type: 

  • JILA Thesis Defense

Event Details & Abstract: 

This talk will describe interferometry using atoms trapped in a phase-modulated (shaken) optical lattice. Starting with atoms in the ground state of an optical lattice, we transform the atoms’ momentum state by shaking the lattice. Using this, we implement a standard interferometric sequence of beam splitting, propagation, reflection, reverse propagation, and recombination. The desired shaking function is found using optimization methods. We demonstrate that the interferometer sensitivity scales with the square of the interrogation time. In addition, one can measure the magnitude and acceleration of an applied signal, and the interferometer response can be optimized to a signal of interest. Finally, I will discuss how to dramatically simplify the optimization scheme.


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